What’s New in Android Studio 3.5

Android Studio 3.5 release introduces Android Gradle plugin 3.5 for incremental annotation processing for databinding, updates from Intellij IDEA 2019.1, the new Apply Changes tool, incremental annotation processing for Kotlin, Chrome OS support, and many more!

Project Marble comes to a conclusion and with it comes more stability, better performance, and more polished features in the IDE and build system.

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  1. I just updated my Android studio and it has a bunch of bugs

    For example, when I rearrange code (cont + shift+ L ) in my XML the views will be re-ordered automatically so if you want to put a TV then a button in a linear layout it will reorder it again it automatically and put the button before the TV 😑

  2. Unable to build anything with gradle 3.5.0 included in the update. Back to gradle 3.4.2.

  3. Android Q is more powerful than ever because of it's security features, new swipe gestures. Suggestion – internal audio recording should be enabled in Android Q.

  4. i have just installed this new version and its now supper slow than the previous version …. now I'm thinking about reverting back…eish

  5. Really good work guys, im using the 3.5 version the code editor is better, the layout design now has some really good stuffs, really good work guys 😀

  6. lol . gradle sync issues fixed. As soon as i updated to 3.5 my project broke and i had to clear cache and rebuild. Same thing that they say they fixed

  7. Just updated to Android Studio and now I cannot open a project. I select the folder but it doesn't do anything. No errors displayed. Does anybody encountered this issue?

  8. Thank you for finally addressing the Gradle problem and fixing it ! I've been facing this particular problem for months ! Cuddos to the Android Developer Team !

  9. Editing long XML layout file while previewing is still a pain as the preview automatically scrolls back to the top and you can no longer see the changes you've made. Need a button to turn on and off this auto scroll behavior.

  10. What about the issue of design preview in design view of the layout? Is it being fixed? Had to restart the AS by invalidating caches all the time, causing the loss of the time.

  11. We want to be able to upload 🚀 our apps directly to google play store with just a simple UI Dialog in Android Studio .. Please make it happen 😰

  12. Awesome!
    But what the hell is incremental annotation processor compilation? 😂 Asking for a friend of course…

  13. Project Treble seems to be making things head into the right direction. I think that as developers, we would rather have slow but stable features rather than a stream of fast updates and features that break everything. Good job Android team!

  14. This version is not working not able to open any project. It crash while create or open any project please help.

  15. Hey. Make Android Studio lightweight. It is lagging even I have SSD + 8 GB RAM in my PC.

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