Vulkan Api Dolphin Emulator Test Nvidia Shiel TV Test


The Dolphin Emulator now supports Vulkan API In Android. I had to test it with the Nvidia shield tv

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  1. I have my gc roms saved on a flashdrive, however when I click on add file with dolphin, flashdrive is not showing up. What can I do?

  2. Hi guys any good website for wiiu roms or for breath if the wild thanks in advance

  3. Wow, Vulkan looks great. I bet you could get 60fps if you left it at native resolution. I'll definitely try this!

  4. mkwii has full compatibility with a GameCube controller. if forced to use a wiimote, it will only work with controller tilt.

  5. Do you think they'll come with a new Shield Portable with the X1 (or better)?

    I'm really interested in the shield but I personally prefer the handheld.

  6. Also sorry for triple post, but the tablet I was thinking of getting is the nvidia shield k1 for some portability… is that similar to the shield tv? Sorry I'm new to this.

  7. mine doesn't show fps on the shield no matter if I click or not. my speed is the same as before without vulkan. tvats even in the lowest resolution.

  8. Tried the latest vesion, I couldn't get the controller to work. I even copied a backup of my controller configuration.

  9. for some reason my video enhancement settings doesn't show up but if I click the resolution the pop up to change it will show weird idk why

  10. Hey thanks for always showing the latest on Emulation! Could you possibly show a more detailed setup of the Dolphin wimote with tilt function? I've tried to follow your video on the setup and the xda forum instructions but still can't get it to work.

  11. would you say its worth it to get this as an emulation device ? and is it worth the $200 ? could this handle brawl for wii ?

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