Transfer Apps Game Data from old Phone to New Phone, PC, SD Card,Pendrive (Android to Android, iOS)

Transfer complete phone data from one phone to another. including complete game data and app data. It doesn’t need internet connection to work.

* Apps Used *
Solid Explorer :
Apk Extractor :

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  1. Geese for crimes sakes I can’t understand 98.3% of what your saying! Your audio system sucks, you talk way to fast and your voice volume and accent affect it all.

  2. Please tell how to transfer ios game data to Android phone….. PUBG…. please make a video

  3. I can't understand what he is saying. Could someone please transcribe the important parts for me?

  4. This guy is the worst teacher, he talks to himself, talks fast and press his phone like he is playing with his phone.

  5. You are talking too… fast to the point I can't understand what you are saying and what you are doing… I will look at someone else's demo on how to copy game data because it is too hard to follow you.

  6. I use cloud so it does all this automatically when I sign in to my new phone.

  7. Once I have transferred all game data and games to my new phone, can I install google play games on the new phone because some of my games use this feature. Please reply. Thanks!

  8. OK I have watched several of your videos and tried several different ways to no avail. I'll start at begining, my son has dragon city on his samsung Tab E and for unknown reasons the game gave him no option to save to facebook account. So we are at risk of loosing all progress if we have any complications. I have contacted game maker (socialpoint) several times to correct problem,again to no avail. Any ideas to backup progress in case of device getting broken or a way to transfer progress to new device.

  9. Hlo sir mera mob one plus 5 mera mob Ko ABI thak system update nai aaya.oxygen os 5.0.4 only.

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