Top 5 Best Free Games Screen Recorder Apps For Android – No Root

Here is a list of my all time favorite Free screen recorder Apps for your Android device

Apps list :

1. ADV Screen Recorder :

2. AZ Screen Recorder :

3. One Shot screen recorder :

4. PlayCast Game Screen Recorder :…


  1. I have question how to make it so that the sound when you are recording is fix when the video is done that don't have a background sounds

  2. Can anyone tell me about this problem when I start recording and on a game the recorder get closed

  3. with recorder that my fren can hear what i say….i am using du recorder but my fren can hear me what am i saying

  4. I can't record on my Android 😟😟😟😟 I need to get a new iPhone so I can record my games & post them on my channel

  5. Can anyone tell me recorder that only records game sound and not mic sound

  6. Whatever the software, none of them are capable of capturing videos in constant frame rate (fps) all capture in variable fps. So, As soon as i import the video, the audio and video goes out of sync just like that. what a waste! plays fine with media players. but works like a garbage with video editing softwares like lightworks.

  7. How about a Mobizen?But always see a play store 2 apps are bashers and 1 app not found.Honestly Try to use a mobizen is a beautiful screen recorder.But no USB required at Android 5.0 and up.But kitkat required to connect via computer

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