Top 5 Android Games Worth A Play (July 2018)

These are my top 5 android games that are worth a play, for July 2018. There just isn’t enough time to play every mobile game, so enjoy my android gameplay, mixed with some Tiny Little Games commentary. This diverse top 5 list is the best you will ever see. Please subscribe to support my channel and share on you favorite social media sites. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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  1. My favorite is Pocket City. It's paid so a bit different from your normal coverage but it's SO good. Amazing city builder with no IAPs, no crazy wait times. Honestly my favorite game this year so far.

  2. Lol why hello neighbor looks in jagged resolution not 1080p you should report it to the devoloper

  3. Fun Fact: Some copies of Hello Neighbor on PS4 have a misprint where the title of the game is just missing. The only thing there is, is the Esrb rating.

  4. I'm still playing onmyoji…I have a very friendly guild and yesterday I got my first SSR

  5. I wish i Could play hello neighbor but it says that my divice Its iIncompatible… 🙁

  6. I still play Prizefighters everyday. That game is amazing. Best boxing mobile game PERIOD

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