Top 25 Hack N Slash Games For iOS/Android 2018

Hack and slash games and beat ’em up games bring out the primal fun in video games. The simplicity of the button mashing and the satisfaction of mowing down hundreds of adversaries is one of the core experiences of early video games. There are plenty of games like that on iOS & Android. Here are the best hack and slash games on iOS & Android!

Games List :-

Animus (PRICE :- $7.99, SIZE :- 2.00 GB)
iOS :-
Android :-



  1. Some of these games r not in the play store where can I find them man 😣

  2. Che cumpa no pudiste haber puesto más juegos que no sean de paga, mal ahí men

  3. i am looking for a game for pc with fantasy elements like magic and magical creatures. i want to be in a big and fascinating world with awesome visuals to get me into it. i like horizon zero dawn but i dont have a ps4 so maybe something similar to it. i also would like to customise my character. idk like black desert online but much more depth than just grinding and crafting forever. any suggestions?

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