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Hello, and I hope everyone’s day is going well. In this video, I discuss my pick for the TOP 10 FREE ANDROID GAMES FOR THE NVIDIA SHIELD TV OF MAY 2018. I chose only games available in the google play store as I will be doing a series on this and so much more. It is just not fair to compare a google play store game with a game made for…


  1. like if you have an Nvidia Shield! BTW like this video its so good thanks! I been wanting to know what the best games are for a long time now!!!

  2. This so called 'free' thing was a very disappointing experience. I tried the Asphalt 8 and couldn't even get to the race track. It wanted me to buy a paint job, and other things and after several minutes I just gave up and uninstalled it. The same thing happened Real Racing 3. Again, I could not even get into a race (me against the AI). I could not get to the race track. It wanted I think $5 for something (hopefully it was just credits – dunno) It would not proceed. This is ridiculous. This is a simple app for crying out loud – the same thing you'd put on an appliance like a phone or some apple do-hickey. It is not a program like some triple AAA game that you'd put on a real computer. I just want a few minutes of diversion. Terrible experience. Sorry to be negative. EDIT I did get Beach Buggy Racing just now and that's a winner. Thanks.

  3. I may have to check out some of these games when i get my controller!

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