Top 10 Best VR Games For Android & iOS 2017! HD

Hey everyone, brought you another list this time some virtual reality games. Actually I was working on new vr games but really couldn’t find much good so this are overall Good graphic one available to play, for those who can’t afford oculus rift or other VR headsets, Google cardboard is really good cheap option to experience VR.

NOTE:- You need gyroscope on your phone to move 360°

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  1. This is a thumbnail hate comment. Why did you put vr PlayStation 4 game are stupid you want views

  2. you can type in google play cardboard and it will be more fun trust me
    there is flying creating (its only for the vr where you have to click) play and relaxing and you can look at some masks

  3. bro fucking need for speed is not even vr fucking redarded bitch

  4. I have a headset that uses your phone, and the controller I bought along side with it only seems to control volume and music control. Do I need a different gaming remote for the proper controls or is there a way to use the one I have?

  5. ViewMaster Smithsonian is a really fun game where you make a museum with a robot named Pal to help you! The downside about it is that is costs 18$ for the full game…

  6. The need for speed vr, can this game work for any vr headset? I have a galaxy s8 but no samsung gear but I do have a vr headset tho

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