Tools & Techniques | Edition – 1 | Android Studio Network Profiler

This is the first edition of tools and techniques. In this video have a look at a very handy tool from Android Studio – Network Profiler. Most of the Android apps are not stand alone apps. They always have some kind of back end and they are sending the receiving the data. Network Profiler provides us with a very handy mechanism to keep track of what data us being shared between the mobile device and the back end. This can be a very handy tool especially when you are working with.

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  1. Sir your videos are really very helpful to me . Thanks alot. Sir please make more content and publish it. Thank you

  2. Sir, I am now able to design decent Android Application but the UI of my app doesn't look very professional, I have heard about Android Animations but I don't know how to implement them, can you please do a video tutorial on Android UI improvement thanks.

    As always this video is very informative and nice, I also use Logging but now I have a new tool in my arsenal, the Network Profiler, Thanks.

  3. Sir your videos are very clear and standard, I learned a lot from you sir.. I'm eagerly waiting for next video

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