The Sims MOBILE APP | How To INSTALL on PC & ANDROID Tutorial

Super quick and easy tutorial on how to install and play The Sims MOBILE on your PC/Android!
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Step 1: Download Bluestacks (App Player)

Step 2: Download The Sims Mobile APK

Step 3: Open Bluestacks after installed, search for The Sims Mobile App. Open & Play!

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  1. Hey guys. A quick tutorial on how I was able to get The Mobile App early! This is just what worked for me and my computer. Hopefully it can work for you as well.

  2. Idk if you're still commenting on this vid, but can i trust BlueStacks? Is it using jailbreaks, will give me some for od virus, or copy my info on my desktop somewhere else? Just wondering if I should download it!! Most of the programs in this sort of jailbreak realm are scams and do what i mentioned above- from what ive heard/read….

  3. Okay so I can pull up the sims mobil but it is not letting me pull up my game it is wanting me to start over any advice?

  4. It didnt work. I tried it 2 times. It gave me a window saying that an error occured and to either reboot the engine or redtart my computer. I tried both ways and its not working 🙁
    Do u kmow why?

  5. HELP! I have a problem. I clicked Install and it said that this type of file can harm my computer! What do I do?

  6. Myrie, please help. I downloaded the game and everything but my char isn't popping up. plss help me ;-;

  7. I did it on my PC. However, the sims are invisible and I can't seem to move or drag or the items and furniture. Please help. TIA.

  8. OK. Am I the only one having this problem? I download the app. Go on the game, I get on the loading screen, I try to create my avatar,and NOTHINGS THERE >:(!!!! THIS IS POINTLESS. THX FOR NOTHING LADY.

  9. Okay so I followed the steps, and it all worked fine, yay. But when I trIED TO CREATE A SIM IT WAS INVISIBLE AND MY SIMS REMAIN INVISIBLE!!!! WHAAAAY???

  10. Thanks a lot, you're the only youtuber who explains clearly.

  11. It works but I cant see the Sims 🙁
    Does that mean it does not work for me?

  12. Hi. Does this still work? Cause I'm 10 mouths late! But I found this and wanna get it but does it still work? (Please reply!)

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