The Best HIDDEN Android Launcher of 2018?

Welcome to my Best Hard-To-Find Android Home Launchers of 2018:
Launcher #10 –
Launcher #9 –
Launcher #8 –
Launcher #7 –Add on:
Launcher #6 –Add on:
Launcher #5 –
Launcher #4 –
Launcher #3 –
Launcher #2 –
Launcher #1 –

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  1. Which one is YOUR Favourite?
    Share your own setups on Twitter, I'd be interested to see what your home screen looks like! 😄

  2. i cant uninstall pear launcher pls help me i am fucked up it doesnt want to delete wtf

  3. Do you eat, drink & sleep with mobile phones? This is passion with immense dedication. You videos are right to the point and makes life easier for others.

  4. Subbed 2 seconds ago.
    Just realised that most of my life was watching other things.
    Great channel, will recommend!

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