Switching From Android to Iphone XS Max (Not an Easy Task)

Time to upgrade your cell phone? Which will you choose?
Iphone XS Max:
Note 9:
Note 8:

So I’ve owned the iphone XS Max for about a week now and I have found many challenges when switching from android to iphone. The android system compared to the ios system is so much different in some good ways and some bad. This video is to show the pros and cons of owning an iphone and to help anyone out there trying to decide which…


  1. I have the same phone with blazing fast wifi speeds as I pay for premium speeds and also use the app speedtest on the regular to test that speed. I get great reception perhaps you should upgrade your carrier if you can afford it.

  2. I can see alot of people complaining about the headphone jack but apple has adressed this they can't make their phone waterproof if the they have a headphone jack , but also why do we need one I mean we all are trying to get rid of cables ,like we have bluetooth headphones , airpods etc. I mean idk why people keep complaining . If u don't like it just don't buy it right ?.

  3. I just switched from my galaxy s7 edge to an iPhone X’s max. I miss it for some reason:(

  4. The wifi and signal strength point is completely wrong. I find wifi connectivity better on my iPhone than android. I have been using both since last six years. Seems like yet another Team Android video.

  5. I couldn't agree more with that assessment of apple. They are the totalitarian government of electronics lol. But I have a question. Everyone knows that apple is the king of producing art, like music, photo and video production. I am on a note 8 and just discovered Smule, which I use to hone my vocal skills. I find the quality of my recordings less than stellar for vocals on all recording platforms. I am now looking at the various preamps available like the irig hd. Problem is, there is just so much conflicting info out there about using them on android. It is ridiculous! For example, irig states that the are compatible with android, yet 95% of reviews I watch/read state that is does not work or that the sound quality is junk when you do use android with irig. So what gives?? Do I have to buy a used iPad just for the sake of getting quality vocalsrecorded, or do you find that android stacks up? My biggest needs after godd sound is being able to monitor my voice live and latency. What do you think??

  6. iPhone is like banging a hooker with condom on.
    Android is like banging same hooker without the condom.

  7. I thought the headphone thing was a joke also, until i bought airpods. Its the future and now i cant stand wearing headphones with cords.

  8. just saying that this is not the latest Apple product the latest Apple product is the iPhone XR cuz the XS and XS Max was realized in September and XR in October

  9. Just so you know a lot of the things you mentioned could be changed in settings… Such as the needing to be on Wi-Fi to download larger apps, you can do that on cellular if you change the setting. But also it’s easy to get photos and videos on your computer without iTunes. You install a much smaller program called the iCloud control panel, which puts a folder in your photos folder and anytime you take a picture it instantly shows up on your computer. To each their own man… But android sucks!

  10. I now know what people are talking about. When it comes to switching from android to iOS. I used an iPad 2018 last night I couldn't even figure out how to use it

  11. I'm getting the Max tomorrow to try it out. Love my Note 8. It has zero issues. If I'm not feeling the Max I will just return it. Android just has certain things that are simply better.

  12. Hello bro.. great video btw! But i need your help on how you transfer all WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS?

  13. So I’ve had an iPhone for years, but when I saw the Note 9, I had to have it. I bought it last November and had it for almost a month, but there were things that’s still couldn’t compete with my iPhone. iMessage, AirDrop, spotlight search, a smoother UI, and more.
    Android has more features obviously, but an iPhone is more stable, secure, and offers a better user experience for what I need to get done.

  14. what a bullshit video. when you said iphone wifi is slow i had to stop…i've used literally hundreds of phones and iphone's always have blazing fast wifi in my experience. to say "iphone's have bad signal" is ridiculous. still some valid points made but this is like a hate video

  15. When I go into my office all I see are iPhones. The market has established the phone of choice. Android users, mainly people who live in India, have a hard time accepting that.

  16. For photos and videos couldn't you just use a cloud storage option as an intermediary?

    Also, the Google search section shows blatant bias to a laughable degree. "I searched Google and it said iPhone users are dumb." Really? After that nonsense it's hard to take this vid seriously.

  17. I just have both phones note 9 and iPhone xs max. You know iPhone body and built style is awesome. And the display on the iPhone is gorgeous. I play need for speed no limite(Game) on both. The note 9 experience was so bad the color was fake and the game is more difficult than playing on the iPhone. I enjoy every thing about iPhone xs max and I never ever displace it with Samsung phones. So dude don’t deceive yourself. The iPhone is better it’s the truth. Good luck with your note 9.

  18. Android it’s just too much stuff going around I guess just like iPhone you need to get used to it but android just feels really buggy and even tho I do agree that iPhones are a pain in the ass sometimes too they just get things done faster in your tablet or computer whatever is all connected I guess the ecosystem

  19. lol sound lonely af talking about android features you can't live without lol wtf

  20. Good choice going back to android. Tried using an iphone for a month and gotta say im super less than impressed!

  21. I had the Note9 for a month and switched to the XS Max for good, always been an android fan. The switch was hard at first but I am really liking the experience, especially the gestures, to me it’s so natural. The only thing I really don’t like is I can’t download anything from anywhere. LOL

  22. Great video.

    Actually in most apps, you can swipe from the left of the screen to go back. You can also swipe the bottom bar to go home left and right to switch between apps.

    iTunes Store without password? Just go into settings in iTunes and allow Face ID for purchases. You only have to re enter your password if your phone is restarted.

    I feel like android does give you more customization options, but doesn’t that get old?? I mean, how many different ways DO YOU have to change your home screen and app layout??

    I get the whole freedom thing with android and all those settings and tinkering. Just not for me. My iPhones have never let me down, ever. That’s why I’ll stick to them.

  23. You do realise that on iOS you just swipe from the left to go back, no need for a back button.

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