Sony Xperia XZ Official Android 7.0 Nougat vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Speed Test!

Speed and Performance comparison of Sony Xperia XZ Official Android 7.0 Nougat vs S7 Edge Official Android 7.0 Nougat Beta 3 –
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  1. That a normal issue even apple getting that issue about lagg ..but sony does not have dead pixel lol…

  2. Not sure if I'm a big fan of the XZs sharp corners. Although there's reason no need to get one since I managed to snag myself the X Performance for 100 buckaroos.

    Edit: S7 edge is amazing.

  3. I used s7 edge. Getting 3 times display complaints… Now I Change my mbl to xz. Sony displays are really good using

  4. The sleek design is good. Bezels……damn… year please remove those big bezels.

  5. Did u adjust the animation speeds under Developer Mode? Have u turned off Notifications or background app refresh? Speeds may slightly improve if u do these tasks.

  6. I was trying to buy an s7 on eBay and Craig's and 75% of them have cracked or shattered screens. That's says something 😂😂

  7. Sony wins man, u cant compare this, the Sony has been used earlier because thats not a Sony background, ure Just a Samsung fanboy

  8. The Samsung S7 Edge I agree when people said that is the best android smartphone in 2016 for me in one aspect only the amoled display period. In terms of quality of sound with the headphones Sony still do the best of the best android Smartphones for several years and dominate this technology with the Res-Audio period that ones mentioned in the videos. I am a fan of Sony I still use my old Xperia Z for six years and at mean I have S7 Edge and I liked both. I don't like when people critises to much the Sony most people never had a Sony devices in their live they don't no the real truth beyond inside the Sony devices period.

  9. ya thats right sony multitasking was really bad at the time you make this video. but today after updates my XZ now really nice performance. and i love this phone.

  10. The xz still has android 6.0 while the s7 has android 7.0. Which makes this test unvalid…

  11. Sony: round off the corners, reduce the bezels, keep the front facing speakers, and make the ui more exciting. The design language at the moment is ho ham 😂😂

  12. Still, Sony. Currently using the XA ULTRA.. But I thnk I'm gnna switch to XZ.

  13. The Samsung looks like it has a ssd solid state drive in it as my computer has a Samsung ssd in it and it starts up exstreamly quick. It's a pitty Sony don't have that.

  14. Sony send me the update from my phone Xperia Z5 E6653 I want android 7.0 please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  15. s7 only fast in opening apps but in terms of performance it lags a lot compare to XZ which is smooth.

  16. Does someone know how to play gta at 60 fps with samsung s7 at good graphics? I tried game tunner but i don't notice differences

  17. I will still choose the Xperia XZ. I love the design. I love how it feels. I love it! It looks corporate. Still waiting how the Samsung fan boys will shove their subjective description of what I'm talking about here.

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