Samsung Galaxy S6 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Beta vs Lollipop 5.1.1 Fingerprint Speed Test

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs S6 Edge Fingerprint Speed Test! Android 6.0 Marshmallow Beta vs Android 5.1.1, Comparison, has the Marshmallow update Speeded up the processing of your finger print when unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S6?


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Get Samsung Galaxy S6 in USA:
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  1. Worst youtube reviewer, I'm pretty sure that I came here to see the speed difference between android l and android m. Not hearing you repeatedly comparing with the 6s. Android Lollipop's lockscreen has an unlocked animation as you can see while the 6s doesn't have any animation and it is too fast to look at your lockscreen. Hence, it really depends whether you want a phone to be more productive or "faster" but not productive.

  2. I love my S6 Edge very much. Beautiful phone and pretty much suit my needs. Sammy please bring Marshmallow to us asap. Hopefully can see improvement in many things after the update.

  3. When will Android Marshmallow come out in Australia for the Samsung S6 Edge??

  4. Thanks a lot for the upload!!!Looking everywhere for this! A comparison for the speed between Android M vs L! Greatly appreciate it mate! Can't wait for the public release of Android 6.0!

  5. you got to hold down when the screen completely off and keep holding into the screen turns off that let your finger go

  6. Thank you for the upload. Cant wait for the official update. Does it allow user to set up PIN or pattern to protect fingerprints? I am running Android 5.1 currently. It only allows me to set a long password to protect fingerprints. It is pain to unlock when wear gloves in winter.

  7. omg i cant wait in till this update releases for my SM-G920P sprint version of the Gs6

  8. not to be the one coming with "excuses". But I feel like the S6 isn't meant to be unlocked with fingerprint when only tapping the home button while screen is off. I mean if I want to ONLY check what's on my lockscreen, I don't want it to unlock the phone and force me to go to homescreen and then swipe down notifications. Like the iPhone, it's too fast and forces you to use the power button to just check notifications, so I don't mind.

  9. are you retarded ? when screen is of just hold the button idiot.
    And for me its faster than 6S.

  10. i live in uk and my model number is SM-G920F plz tell me how can i get marshmallow beta. I can't find the galaxy care app in galaxy store. Thanks!

  11. I find the speed of the sensor on the iphone 6s to actually be too good that it's bad. The lockscreen becomes obsolete. I like how here I can press the home button and not worry about unlocking the entire device

  12. Estoy esperando con mucha ansiedad android marshmalow para mi s6 edge plus .Gracias por el video.

  13. in the galaxy care app, tell samsung to make it able to read quickly even when the phone is off like the iPhone 6s

  14. thats weird. my s6 edge plus has 5.1.1 and it faster than your s6 with android 6

  15. wow. he left power save mode on the s6 edge thats why is so slow. i can tell becuase the buttons aren't lighting up where as the normal s6 lights are. come on man. make sure you configure setting properly.

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