Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve 2018 (SM-J337P) FRP Bypass Android 8.0.0 without PC

Hey guys, this is my new Video for Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve 2018 (SM-J337P) Sprint/Boost FRP Bypass Android 8.0.0 without PC

QuickShortcut APK link :
FRP Bypass APK link :
FRP Google APK link :

List of supported models and variants with this FRP bypass method:

SM-J336AZ FRP Bypass Android 8.0.0
SM-J337A FRP Bypass Android 8.0.0
SM-J337AZ FRP Bypass Android 8.0.0
SM-J337P FRP Bypass Android 8.0.0
SM-J337R4 FRP…


  1. What happens if your phone is not conected to any type pf phone service it wont let me add the call

  2. What password do we use after you download es cause you moved your phone and o got lost after nothing is working next tall in the video WHAT HELL YOU GUYS ARE DOING… SMFH…

  3. Ali, I have the same exact phone but when I make the emergency call and tap on add call nothing happens. I'm stuck there. Any help?

  4. I'm scared that the police might show up at my door if I try this

  5. So do you do the whole process while on the phone with emergency services? Idk about this one

  6. My Wifi will auto off during Emergency Call. So I cannot download the update.
    Do you perhaps know how to solve this? 🙁

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