Samsung Experience 10.0 OFFICIAL “ONE UI” Android 9.0 Pie Review! New Features & Changes!

Samsung Experience 10.0 OFFICIAL ONE UI Android 9.0 Pie Review! New best Features & Changes! Galaxy S9, Note 9, S8 & More. Whats New?


Download Samsung Experience 10.0 OFFICIAL Launcher:

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  1. You would figure after all these years and versions of Android, Google would have started using 3D icons by now. I mean seriously, how many different ways can Google make the same 2D icons look different? All we get is better color and maybe a bit sharper. Come on Google, step up your game!

  2. Oh for the love of all that is holy! I JUST upgraded to Oreo! Damn you google!…..

  3. So they basically made it look more like ios 11 an 12 with the round edges the battery relocation lol

  4. In fact, the sliding gesture navigation is taken from the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer program, which I think is very easy to use.

  5. Bhai Mera Exynos Galaxy S8 Hai Mujhe Pie Aur UI One Ka Update Milega?
    Mai Karachi Se Hon But Mobile Germany Se Liya Tha

  6. Those who criticize Samsung because they want to customize their phones, you should just buy a google pixel or any device with aosp android.

    You buy a samsung because you want a samsung, not just an android.

  7. Wait…If you scroll on the setting the options go up to a "non reachable area"

    Also once you click Display(for example), the options are in "non reachable" area once again


  8. What are u using to record the screen? And quick question do you happen to know how to preview messages received on the home screen by long pressing the apps to show a short preview of the message? Is it an app or a setting?

  9. really after the very bad samsung experience 9 here we have the very bad samsung experience 10 . U want to know what i like ???? Nothing i like STOCK ROM . I hate all the bad feature like bixby samsung calendar samsung agenda all of them are useless

  10. Is the circling of settings options only when night mode is turned on or are the options in the the settings always cirled?

  11. The notification number is not showing on apps. Is it only on note8 or happened to anyone else?

  12. I downloaded it, installed it but, chose the wrong boot. Now when I re-downloaded and reinstall it, it doesn't even give the option to boot the new beta. Does anyone know a work around?

  13. I don't like the new navigation bar.
    The older one is nicer. This one looks like Motorola's navigation

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