Reset, Backup, Move and Clone Any Build, Any Box (except Fire Stick)

Reset, Backup, Move and Clone Any Box, Any Build (except Fire Stick)
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Download custom wallpapers and Video intro (lower audio)
Custom folder (if you want my wallpapers)

Intro (if you want my lowered volume intro)

To understand Real-Debrid, watch the video below…

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  1. So what's the reason you can't transfer this to a firestick with ES? I periodically move kodi with quite a few addons from NV, H96, Beelink to firestick. I'm generally not a fan of builds so I've never moved one to another. I did notice your build was around 892k and I have transferred kodi files to firestick that have sometimes been as much 1.50 with no issues. And in doing so rarely have I had to reset my RD. So is there something in the build format that makes it untransferable to the fire stick? Thanks

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