Redmi K20 Pro 3DS Mario Kart 7 Gameplay Citra MMJ Emulator + Heating Test Snapdragon 855

Mario Kart 7 Gameplays in Citra MMJ 3DS Android Emulator version 0907 on Redmi K20 Pro (Snapdragon 855 & 6gb Ram) for Nintendo 3DS .

Download Citra MMJ Android Emulator from here [Please Do not ask for links of copyrighted ROMs/Software ] :

Testing Citra MMJ 3DS Android Emulator | Gameplays + Setup Guide :

Redmi k20 Pro Review :

Redmi K20 Pro 7 2.5 hours Gaming…


  1. Strange, I've seen this running slot better on a Snapdragon 855. I think you have a problem in your settings

  2. dont use fmv hack on this game (decrease fps to the half) mario kart 7 is a 60 fps game.

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