ProShot for Android (New!)

Welcome to ProShot, the most advanced camera app in the world.

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  1. How am I able to capture video at 60 fps on my Galaxy S8? The button is disabled (light gray) but I can't find the options it's depending on.

  2. man u did amazing work but please help us on manually setting shutter speed

  3. I have an problem when I turn my phone sideways (left) it turns upside down

  4. The app is very good actuly, but the only reason i downloaded it is because i wanted 21:9 aspect ratio for VIDEO, but sadly it worked just with photos.

  5. 3:00 Judging by the comments and by the unjustly low rating of this awesome (!) app in Play Store you need to put more emphasis on WHY a device is not compatible with manual controls. It's not ProShot's fault! Such devices simply don't support Camera2 API! Nowadays it's an equivalent of a notebook not supporting WiFi! In the example of my phone, Moto X Play, there is no excuse for it to not support Camera2 API. Fucking cruft with a great camera *on paper*.

  6. I can't change the ISO and shutter speed in manual mode, Its showing auto only even I put it on maual mode….please help me

  7. The point focus only works every second time on Motorola X Play. Also, 'NR LQ' suggest 'Low Quality' of output image while in truth it's only Low Level (strength) of the noise reduction algorithm. Sometimes even the opposite is true – the lowest noise reduction done in the photo app is the best when the user intends to process the image in a desktop app.

  8. nice work…include more features based on specific popular device like smasung s8 oneplus 5t iphone x nokia carl zesis etc…

  9. Set a run ISO control is not working in my mobile my mobile is MI Y1 2 can you suggest me any help of me

  10. Wonderful Camera app! On my iPhone it works like a charm, but on my android TP-Link X1 it cannot focus wherever I touch on the screen.

  11. Manual Focus Not Working Bro What To Do ISO Shutter speed also not manual functioning

  12. Looks good. Does it support 48 kHz audio sampling?
    You moved the shutter interface so fast that I can't see (even frame-by-frame): Does it support 1/48 shutter speed?

  13. Thank you so much! we need good pro cam apps for Smartphone! And we must not buy an expensive Smartphone. I will test your App 😀 P.S.: Do we buy an Lifetime Update?

  14. I downloaded the app …… But I am not getting all the features of this app like- shutter speed , ios, light painting and lot more …..
    Plz help .. (Android).

  15. Please make it supported for Android 5.1 I really need this app on my phone.

  16. I see there is NR HQ and NR LQ. Between those 2 which one has least Noise Reduction. Any other info how much NR there is implemented in each 1 of those settings?

  17. I want to purchase proshot actually but in my country can't do that, currently i'm using windows 10 mobile and a 640 lumia. Any help RiseUpGames?

  18. When I try to take a photo horizontally the camera turns upside down, please help me I really liked this app. I have a rooted Ulefone Vienna with android 6.0

  19. FINALLY!~!!!!! I was hoping you'd finally let us use samsungs higher exposure times like the stock samsung camera does – it's really all I feel like we're missing, I constantly end up going back to that camera for long night exposures. Great work finally getting this out to all of us though.

  20. Hi. I just got your email with the response to my review. I have installed the upgrade on my galaxy s7 so I'm hoping to change my review soon. Thanks a lot for the follow up

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