Pocophone F1 Wii New Super Mario Bros Dolphin emulator Android 9 Gameplay Snapdragon 845

New Super Mario Bros Gameplay [Wii] on Pocophone F1 [Snapdragon 845 & 8gb RAM] Android 9 Pie using Custom Dolphin emulator version 5.0-9664 for Nintendo Wii . Best viewed in atleast 720p/60fps quality .

Dolphin custom emulator:

New to Dolphin emulator? Watch this beginner’s guide to set it up and start playing Nintendo Wii/Gamecube games :

Controller shown is Amkette Evo pro 3 gamepad , check here…


  1. Waw, awesome bench, can you try castlevania curse of darkness for damonps2? Its a heavy game

  2. I appreciate the settings and all that, but why are you doing this on a giant pile of ground beef?

  3. Prince of Persia Warrior Within on dolphin emulator new update 9664 and fix display issue s

  4. Bro you showed that this mobile can play dolphin emulator .try cirta 3ds emulator and play Pokemon ultra sun.lets see if the beast can play 3ds games.love your videos.

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