Play Thousands of Retro Games on Firestick / Fire TV with RetroArch

Play thousands of Retro Games on Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, NVIDIA SHIELD, and more with RetroArch.

RetroArch is a free application that can be side-loaded onto the Firestick, Fire TV, or any Android-powered device.

RetroArch includes emulators for all popular gaming systems including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, GameBoy, Atari, PlayStation, and more.

🕑 Timestamps

1:26 – Prepare USB drive

8:30 – Install RetroArch

13:16 – Pair Matricom G-Pad BX Bluetooth Game Pad with…


  1. Gr8 tutorial but you should mention that the fire stick (1st gen) does not support an OTG cable. Regards.

  2. I’m having problems extracting files via window 8, when I extract all the folder seems unzipped but all the games inside still appear to be zipped? Am I doing something wrong, much appreciated.

  3. hi troy can you help me please ive got retroarch on my 4k fire stick can you tell me where i need to put the bios files?many thanks

  4. got a 2015 model (B00U3FPN4U) Fire tv box with usb port on back, but when I insert it don't recognize it?

  5. Troy, thanks for all the tutorials. They help a ton. quick question, will you be able to use a 2 player function on the games?

  6. Hi Troy, Thanks for the tutorial and all of the other great guides you do. I have this all set up according to your steps but I am getting "Failed to load content" whenever I try to run a game. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks!

  7. I tried this on two different android boxes this doesn’t work

  8. Will the Nintendo Gameboy Color No Intro Rom Set work on the firestick?. I've added the sets you demo'ed but am looking to ad a few more specific games. (Specifically Crash Bandicoot)

  9. There is no need for the USB stick. Just install ES File explorer
    Go to NETWORK – REMOTE MANAGER, Turn it on. Enter the address in the address field of a folder on your pc and the Firestick will show up like a folder wirelessly on your computer and you can transfer all you need directly to it.

  10. An Amiga setup video would be amazing.please do one for Amiga on retroarch for the fire 🔥

  11. I went to play today and the sound is acting up. Any reason why or how to fix this issue?

  12. I just stumbled onto you channel and I bought the items you suggested. My only question is where do I got to download the playstation and Nintendo DS games. I have been looking and did what you said with Google search but I am unable to find a site. Could you help.

  13. Hi Troy , thanks as always for your newsletter and great video , I have a second gen Fire stick and I am running low on storage as I have a ton of APKs and 1 Kodi build on there . Can this same principle be used to add a USB to store APK's like Cinema HD or TV Zion , or Morph etc. ??? Thanks for any help and Happy Holidays Brutha to you and yours .. CHEERS

  14. Love your tutorials….. even if I don't use/need all of them…… (I don't play games on my kodi)

  15. Great video Troypoint I bought the sandisk 256gb and I already to follow your tutorial thanks again for your video I really do appreciate it. God bless 👌

  16. How can i change the distination forlder for the games art pctures on retroarch? So it wont take space on the fire stick.

  17. Waiting on OTG cable but i formatted a Sandisk Ultra Plus 128 GB MicroSD card with according to the video. Once I put it in my fire tv(gen 2)…it wont recognize it when using ES explorer. It doesnt show up under the LOCAL section. I also tried an LG Micro SD-2 GB card and fire tv doesnt recognize it. If anyone has an idea of whats going on Id appreciate it.

  18. Awesome, can't wait to try this out. Outstanding as always, Troypoint!

  19. Do we have to keep the USB drive attached for it to play. At no point in the tutorial did it say we should or should not disconnect the USB drive once the games are loaded

  20. I still have a question about storage issues and launching the roms from a portable hard instead of the Fire TV

  21. Hey Troy what’s the best setting to play n64 games without it glitching

  22. Hey Troy, if I've purchased two controllers, do I have to configure them both?

  23. I started getting low 500 memory warnings because i had a ton of box art downloaded but it would not let me transsfer the box arts over to the usb drive to take less space of the Amazon firestick

  24. Great Video Troy!!! Does the Matricom Controller have rumble like vibration…like a dual shock controller?

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