Pixel 3a Review – I've Changed My Mind! | The Tech Chap

The Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL start from Ā£400/$400 and offer the same AMAZING camera as the full price Pixel 3. With stock Android 9, the latest updates & a great camera – I’ve changed my mind on buying a Google Pixel!

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  1. Well After Seeing A Half Dozen Reviews Of The OnePlus 7 Pro~Including URS…I'd Rather More Prefer That Device…With That Bloody Enormous 6.7 Inch Display…A Flat Screen TV In Ones Pocket…šŸ˜€šŸ˜€

  2. Hey Tom,

    I cracked my Pixel 2 this morning and it's the best phone I've ever owned. The Pixel 3 is too pricey and the 4 is months away. Is the 3a a good upgrade from the 2 in your opinion?

  3. Iā€™d sell my current phone once the contract runs out, put the money towards this Pixel 3a, then use this phone, still being pretty brand new, to put down on an upfront cost on something newer but if I could live with the slower processing speed, I might not even need to.

  4. Thanks for the review mate! Really was torn between the S10e and the 3a XL but I think I'll save some cash and take a 'better' camera. Really appreciated the video segment as well – too many reviewers focused on just photos.

  5. I need a new phone quick, my Huawei Mate 2 is coming apart. I'm still not convinced that $479 is worth it. I am also looking at the Moto G7 at $300.

  6. This review was great my plan is just ending and I was on the fence between other budget phones but you've changed/confirmed my choice so thanks! No buyer's remorse here šŸ˜. I wish it had 128gb storage though, but again at that price can't complain too much.

  7. Just saw this video after the Oneplus 7 pro review and man.. this phone looks so outdated.

  8. charging overnight will destroy your battery! do small charges during the day instead

  9. When pocophone was released all criticised the plastic build.. Now with pixel its more acceptable šŸ¤”

  10. I bought this phone and used it for a week now and going to sell my iPhone x today. The build quality is great for polycarbonate and for what I do is fast enough but the camera is the best I have ever used.

  11. amazing! can't wait to get this phone! (Upgrading from an iPhone 5)

  12. I think it is a great phone especially for those in the US where they lack many of the options. also for the moms and normal people who don't care much as long as it has a good camera and can perform okay.
    however for me this phone has something else that excites me. it is the fact that there is so little difference between it and the pixel 3, which means for this year a simple new CPU and a wide selfie camera is not enough to justify double the price. and that means google is upping their game for pixel 4 which is great news. last year sales was terrible and that was rightfully so, hope this year pixel 4 will evolve into a real flagship along with the features we see in 3a.
    I mean can you imagine what google can do with e triple cameras on the back and double on the front??

  13. I guess screen size is a personal decision, but I haven't yet checked these out physically. Any discussion as to size: 3a vs. 3aXL?

  14. This seems like a perfect phone except no wirless charging and I'd like a better front facing camera…

  15. Xiaomi flagship phone almost cost same price range, why customer would go for this ? You will have SD855 chip inside ~ silly.

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