Pes Mobile 2019 / Pro Evolution Soccer / Android Gameplay #38

■Experience the award winning gameplay and match excitement from console on mobile!
PES 2019’s latest console match engine has been ported seamlessly to mobile devices, meaning that the power of football is finally something you can hold in the palm of your hand.
From the 8,000+ player animations, to the team characteristic playstyles, and even the thrill of taking on your opponent–everything is the same!
The enhanced ball physics create an unpredictable and enjoyable match experience of…


  1. يا شباب انا بقدم محتوي عن الرسم و بتعب جدا في الفيديوهات برسم صور للمشتركين و برسم صور لليوتيوبرز و برسم المشاهير زي السادات و جاكي شان و صلاح و رونالدينهو و برسم شخصيات مارفيل 3D زي سبايدر مان و ايرون مان
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  4. Nice one bro! Got good Thunder Balls. Don't forget our match though. Trying to get a better device… It's much anticipated 👏

  5. And the legend Upload a new video, Thanks DroidCheat. 😍👍

  6. the vast majority not to say that all the youtubers that play at 2019 mobile play it with low graphics and that is boring and ugly, droidcheat friend you are the only one who plays at 2019 with high graphics and that I love, that's why I never I lose your videos of pes 2019. keep it up you're the best youtuber de pes 2019 mobile

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