Per-App Layout Settings — XDA Xposed Tuesday

If you’ve used an Android device for any amount of time, you’ve come upon an app that doesn’t quite fit on your screen. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to change the dpi settings or the layout on a per app basis? Well Paranoid Android has that feature, but what if you don’t want to flash Paranoid Android?

In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews App Settings. XDA Recognized Contributor Tungstwenty gives anyone access to on the fly dpi and layout settings on…


  1. i would like to ask. Where did you get the amazon appstore. I try to search it on playstore, cant find it. thanks..

  2. This is easily THE BEST Xposed module ever simply because it is THE ONLY way to lock applications in memory to prevent android from closing them. You have to be careful on devices with lower amounts of ram (512mb), but it can still be very useful.


  3. There is a menu option to launch app instead of using the home key every time to launch the app..

  4. Dude! You should show what the pixel density change does to the Gmail app! You can get the tablet layout on your note 2 by tweaking the pixel density! Also I use this app to keep my screen on for certain apps that I use so I don't have to worry about the screen timing out when I'm reading, or doing long file transfers, etc!

    I can't wait till there is a module review of how to get the note 3 s pen software on the note 2 through exposed framework!!!

  5. You only have to reboot once.
    After downloading, it just takes some time until it shows up in the list of available modules. Just then, after activating, you need to reboot.

  6. Though the permissions for it is broken if you try disabling wakelock permission… Funny, because it would save a lot of battery…

  7. This module is the main reason why I got Xposed in the first place ._.

  8. This module is far from new, but it's a great choice for those who don't want to use AOSPA or PAC.

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