Oneplus 3 & 3T : Oxygen Os 9.0.1 Android 9 ( Community Beta 2 ) Fix Microphone Issues & Other Bugs

This is an official update for oneplus 3 and 3t based on android pie Oxygen os 9.0.1 or Community Build 2.
#Oxygenos9.0.1 #Oneplus3 #Oneplus3t #Androidpie

Bug fixes
Clock timer and stopwatch interface display is incomplete
Microphone doesn’t work when earphones are plugged in
Crash issues with native message app

Download links :
Oneplus 3 :
Oneplus 3T :…


  1. I try to install the rom from local update but it say its degradation. I download the rom from your link

  2. Edit- I had flashed it directly from twrp (I have got very impatient)and the ROM is so beautiful and i have installed magisk its working fine i have booted into the twrp not flashed! remember guys dont take a chance just boot dont flash into twrp then installed magisk and its working great. command
    -fastboot boot your_recovery_name.img

    can i flash community beta with twrp???

  3. bootloader is unlocked .. and oneplus 3 is rooted and using oxygen os 9 .. can i update it ? with community beta 2 ?

  4. what is your oneplus launcher version ? I'm on the 2.5.1 and i don't have the new shelf design

  5. bro first i was on oreo then i updated my one plus 3 on pie (community beta) it was good and i have no issues and my battery was also good ..but 3 days ago they released oxygen os 9.0.1 (community beta 2 ) which have some issues like battery draining and finger print is slower then before ….i want to ask that can i update community beta 1 over this beta 2 without losing my data by the local update method: my boot loader is locked and i am on stock recovery .

  6. Bro, after i updated with community beta 2, I can't connect the otg, before it was showing, now i can't do anything, is this a bug? Can u please help?

  7. Hello brother ,
    After updated for OP3 …. WhatsApp automatically deleted and after that not installing… please help me for this issue.

  8. How to install Android pie my one plus 3t local upgrade how to paste bro tell me video superHow to install Android pie my one plus 3t local upgrade how to paste bro tell me video super

  9. Thanks a lot bro , i update my op3 form android 8.0.0 tot android pie 9.0.1 beta 2 directly , thx bro from romania ♥️

  10. My phone running Android 8.0 offical if I want to upgrade 9.1 then root is needed or not

  11. In community beta 9 update facing battery draining issue so plz make some videos for it

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