Olympus Dictation Smartphone Application for iPhone and Android – Olympus Dictation App

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Dictate, annotate and send. Olympus dictation for Android or iOS is a beautifully simple recording app for making dictations on the go:

– Record, insert & overwrite dictations
– Attach pictures to your recording
– Priority Setting
– Simple search function
– Send dictations via email or FTP/FTPS

The Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS) has everything you need. This is a cloud-based subscription package…


  1. Thank you Brandon! Interesting video. My iPhone used to be able to email my dictation to my assistant via the phone's email account. Recently, the ability to send dictation failed. The [send] button is grayed out and the settings need some sort of portal info. This was never the case in the past. I deleted the iPhone app and re-installed, and the [send] button is still grayed out. I can send emails just fine on the phone's Outlook app. It seem like the Olympus app just doesn't see the Outlook email app (which uses office 365 as a server). Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

  2. Note that the free app by itself without the ODDS subscription does NOT allow you to record in DSS or DS2 format inly in .m4a. Olympus website or the app description on apple website omit that fact.

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