Noon VR Virtual Reality Headset Review, Works with Android and iOS Phones

Noon VR Virtual Reality Headset Review Today we review a new entry in the Virtual Reality market – the Noon VR.

The Noon VR Headset Sells for $89 on Amazon –

If you are not familiar with Google Cardboard and Inexpensive Virtual Reality, take a look at our VR Review Playlist –

Here is more information on the Noon VR Headset –

* Supports any smartphones larger than 4.7…


  1. I can see us evolving android into all in one vr for console based gaming we can already half ass put emulators on android if we waited a while for it then smartphones will revolution virtual reality. Android already has the same apps as oculus does and if you can't afford oculus smartphones can be used as a rift using the riftcat app for budget ready users. If Steam can some how add there own VR Stream from the phone then it can automatically render in virtual reality and they can put first person viewing or some camera mods to have a full dive experience. Most streamers can already have SteamVR games even on low end computers the head tracking and body tracking you must provide on your own I think Steam should have a free StreamVR app to stream virtual reality onto the phone wirelessly and provide touch controllers purchased separately but I doubt Steam will even remotely see this comment guys Streamers pretty much are rift technology.

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