*NEW* Vehicle in COD Mobile Battle Royale Update 1.0.6 Android Gameplay

CALL OF DUTY MOBILE New Battle Royale Vehicle: Antelope A20 Assault Vehicle Beta 1.0.6 Android Gameplay

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  1. Apa yg di-update trs sih game gila, mana di play store blom muncul2 juga notifikasi nya, ah game payah

  2. Which app do you use for recording?
    And how did you record your internal audio so clearly?

  3. This is just the beginning,just wait and watch how this becomes the best game for mobile devices.

  4. Did you noticed the movement of the charcters is changed 😊
    And they fix so much things (:
    This game well be the best in mobile (:
    But i wish it well ban the hackers ☹

  5. Waiting for global version 😭😭😭 look like this game will never RELEASING in 2019 😭😭

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