[NEW] Hilarious How Easy I Hacked Marvel Strike Force in just 3 minutes! (Android/iOS)

Get yours here:
Hey guys, in todays video we take a look at brand new MARVEL Strike Force Hack 2018 . With this MARVEL Strike Force cheat you can get unlimited amount of free Gold and Power Orbs in just 5 minute, just don’t skip any step shown in this tutorial and you can will get! Please like share and subscribe for more daily videos!





  1. Can you please do it for me. Vant get it to work.. I'll subscribe and get a lit of people to use this and watch your vids.

    Gary lazer eyes
    Max everything
    Thanks bro

  2. Please Do it do for me.
    Name : Commandera
    Platform : iOS
    I will subscribe Ánd share. Thanks

  3. Yo can you do mine? I just subbed
    User: Sinnister
    Max everything
    Thanks bro! Please let me know if you can

  4. Please hack mine for me my username is Oneyedking and I'm using android i want the max i can get. I'm liking and subscribing now 👍 and undrestand you're a busy man

  5. Could you please help, my name is marcus.why in game on iOS. Could you please help me, thanks in advance

  6. can you do it for me? it is not working here. MY ID is "RealGZJ".

  7. Hey I don’t want to bother you either man, could you help me out as well? I’d do anything I can to help you out in return.

    Pid: 11091747

  8. Hi, future games, do you mind helping me? ID is joejojojo, am an android user, thanks and will subcribe! 😀

  9. can you do it for me? i did it for a friend of mine but i guess there's a day-limit or smth
    my username : "porxanny66"
    i'm using Android

  10. omg it worked XX i was skeptical at the beginning but now i'm just hell yeaah! glad that i tried, thanks uploader!

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