New Gmail for Android Interface

Andrew takes a walk through the new Gmail (version 4.5) interface on Android. Read our full coverage here:


  1. How do I change the name of one of the folders/labels I have already named? I have a Verizon LG vista

  2. I can't send email over my phone…what am I doing wrong? 
    Thanks for the help in advance

  3. i have received and sent to an email and i have the contact stored in contacts……and when I start writing the email it doesn't pop out as if I am writing the email for the first time …..WHAT THE F GOOGLE

  4. It's not just the entry level phones though – I paid $700 for an off contract HTC Desire HD in January 2011 – it had Froyo when it was released, then was upgraded to Gingerbread AFTER ICS had already been announced, with a promise of an ICS update to come – then 9 months after ICS was released, HTC announced they would not be updating it after all – effectively 11 months after releasing the Desire HD as a flagship phone, it was no longer supported. So I moved to a Nexus 4. No regrets.

  5. yep some day whatapp will have a big update changing layout looks ect

  6. That sucks. Thats the problem with buying lower spec'd phones. Little to no support.

    If you look around, there is a cyanogenmod rom to JB 4.2. Worth the upgrade as there really isnt much your wife would miss from the stock rom on the One V. Give it a try!

  7. Yes, I guess a lot of people hold on to their phones for 2 or 3 years – and manufacturers tend to dump support as soon as they have released the next big model. My wifes HTC One V was released with ICS and didn't even make the list for a JB update! Pathetic.

  8. I think that changed around Feb/March, last stats I saw I think put JB+ICS at around 44% (something like that anyway), GB quite a bit less than that, and GB+Froyo only slightly ahead of JB+ICS. Still terrible though – thats why I moved to Nexus – couldn't stand the carrier/OEM crapness in issuing updates any more.

  9. I avoid watching Android Central vids just because of the annoying music

  10. Andrew good review, however you forgot to mention the ability to delete all trash messages in one shot and the ability to refresh your emails by sliding your finger down the screen to fill the refresh bar.

  11. 18 months since ICS was released – hard to believe that people are still using Gingerbread. Manufacturer's crappy updates to blame I guess.

  12. they're updating whatsapp? i hope they do, i love it but i hate the way it looks. that app needs a change

  13. About to update mine.. Can't wait to see how the new whatapp will look

  14. forget all that shit. WE CAN NOW EMPTY OUR RECYCLE BIN IN THE APP

  15. It's just in that swipe from the left menu list, at the top as a radio button.

  16. Thanks Andrew! My Wife and I were wondering why we were not getting Notifications outside of the Primary tab. We had actually stopped using the new Gmail for that very reason. Thanks again!

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