Move the Clock Back to the Right Side on Your Galaxy in Android Pie [How-to]

How to Move Your Galaxy’s Status Bar Clock Back to Where it Belongs
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In this video, I’ll be showing you how to move the clock back to the upper-right corner on your Samsung Galaxy device running One UI (Android 9.0 Pie).

Google moved the clock to the left corner to accommodate phones with notches, and Samsung kept this change, but Galaxy phones don’t have…


  1. For some reason this wouldn't work on my phone (Step 3 Enable USB Debugging on Your Phone). The Good Lock and QuickStar method was much easier and literally took 2 minutes. No computer necessary.

  2. Could you show us, how to get the app switcher thingy back to "normal" so the apps are above another and not next to each other?

  3. Will you be more active now, and will you make more iOS content?
    P.S. your Videos are so relaxing

  4. Thank you so much. I just updated my Note 8 and it just felt so wrong. Even though I had some trouble with my cmd(saying my device was unauthorized), it still worked. Greetings from Germany

  5. Just wanted to give you guys an update because a MUCH easier method came out today:

    1. Open the Galaxy Store (it's in your app drawer)
    2. Search for "Good Lock 2019" and install it (it's an official Samsung app)
    3. Open Good Lock, tap QuickStar, hit "Install"
    4. Go back to Good Lock and tap QuickStar again. If it doesn't open, you'll need to sideload the new version of QuickStar from here (APK via Redditor /u/LeatherGarage):
    5. Once QuickStar opens, turn it on with the toggle up top, tap "Clock Position," select "Right." Done!

  6. Yo, Dallas is back! I don't even have a Galaxy phone but I watched the whole video. You still have great tutorials and it good to see another video with you!

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