Most Useful 7 Android Wallpaper Apps (2019)

These are the only Wallpaper Apps you will need for your Android Smartphone in 2019

Download link:

Go Premium at $1.50 or INR 110

• Thousands of Wallpapers shared by users
• Unpublished backgrounds by CREATIVE
• “Favorites” section
• Wallpapers divided by categories

You can also get ringtones, homescreen customization and frame your screenshot in your favourite device.

Download link:…


  1. Hey buddy IAM Sawan Kumar , and I upload all of these wallpapers that u have shown in CREATIVE , See my name and follow me on Creative.

  2. Thank you for making these kinds of videos for us so that we can download them easily without searching for hours. I thank you for your hard work. Please continue to make great videos like this.

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