MASSIVE Android Smartwatch COMPARISON: LEM9/Optimus Pro/Thor5 and MORE!

Battery Life Testing accidentally left out of this comprehensive Android Smartwatch comparison. See it here:
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Review video:
Review video:

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  1. OK. I'm reaching here, I know. A use for bracelet mode? I think of it as "theater mode". In ANY performance situation you're SUPPOSED to turn off your beepy tooty devices. Bracelet mode allows you to DO that WITHOUT having to be separated from knowing what TIME it is. And when a performance runs LONG, believe ME, you look at it. A LOT.

  2. Thank you for this very thorough and informative review. I stuck with you for the entire hour. BTW… nice set of Digital Calipers. Do you have a buying link for them? 🙂

  3. If only the Kospet Hope had full face display instead of the black inner bezel, I would buy it today.
    Can't justify why it isn't full display like most others.

  4. Great review! I have Optimus 2gb/16gb and it was fantastic! Battery life is very good. Yesterday i tested GPS. My Sister have some garmin (585? 595? Some new one) and in endomondo on Optimus GPS is more accurate. For 2 h walking, taking pictures, and receiving messages battery went down from 100% to 75%. Yeah! It was a good choice 🙂

  5. I really like your low tech approach to making wonderful review about high-tech devices… Thank you very much. Top notch work! I think the Optimus pro is a good choice. Eagerly await your battery test reviews. Android mode with all radio on. How can it hold out is exactly what I'd want to know.

  6. Which is the biggest screen and which is the best? , I think the kospet Optimus pro is the best, is it good?

  7. Love all your videos! Best channel for all smartwatch related content 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. where did you get those black all leather straps from mr Ticks?

  9. Thank you Mr Thicks for this great review! Looking forward for the battery life comparison to make my choice. Nowadays I'm debated between Zeblaze Thor 5 and Kospet Optimus pro: the first one has front facing camera, the latter has more performance and is nicer!

  10. Waiting for the kospet op pro to arrive to replace my thor 4 watch , never used stock aod but an app on google that has all the samsung aod screens , plus point no dimming problem , until the gps problem is solved use googles fit app as that works

  11. Instead of having 2 processors, they could have just added options to the ambient display setting(whether to have the classic ambient display or the ‘bracelet mode’ display). That’s why the dual processor mode seems useless to me. By the way, this review really needs to go down in history.

  12. Hello sir, have ever reviewed any smart watch with android OS having an infrared remote control feature? I am looking for a one if you know?

  13. Great review as always Mr Ticks! You showed great faces too 😁

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