Lineage OS 16 Android Pie 9.0 on HTC ONE M8 [New][February 2019]

This video will show you how to install Lineage OS 16 Unofficial Built (Android Pie 9.0) on HTC One M8.

Compatible with all M8 single SIM variants (m8ul, m8vzw and m8spr).

New Link added for all M8 Dual SIM variants (m8dug and m8dwg)

1. Rooted device with TWRP recovery preinstalled.
2. Unofficial Lineage OS 16.0 built.
3. Custom Gapps.


Gapps versions :

(stock and super variants are not recommended)



  1. when i installed it phone stated restarting automicalitly and now it is not turning on probably so dont instal it. make android as official

  2. Please Help, i cant install! Because "Error 7 Upgrave" some like that.. I Dont Understand!

  3. Friend this Rom is for Htc M8 At&t?, has a problem, how do i install the Recovery.

  4. what happens if you dont flash the gapps zip? is there an alternative thats open source and doesn't phone home? i did hear about a bug or something with the video recording that needs another app?

  5. is there a firmware for europe htc m8 android 8.1? The last one i found is outdated and red in my bootmanager.

  6. Sir I deactivat lineage os 14.1 I want android. Plz half me . my fone HTC one m9 model OP JA100

  7. Hi, I'd like to install Lineage OS on my HTC device, but I have the M8s.
    On the site I see a recommandation for installing the LOS 14.1 for the M8 and the M8d, but I see nothing for the M8s.
    Does the manipulation you show here could work for the M8s I have?
    Thanks 😉

  8. Heads up Guy's If you have an M8 Chances are the Government is keeping tabs on your phone and it may also be on the Terrorist watch list. Why? Because the M8 with Lineage 15.1 is the "BOMB" :o)

  9. Hi. My rom is: 8.1.0 2018-03-20 V15.1-UNOFFICIAL-M8 LineageOS. The best of 4 that I tested .Just one detail: Does not display 4g networks or data. LTE only. Someone with the same detail?

  10. Ummm…. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I downloaded the lineage and the gapps, moved those to my internal storage, rebooted my phone to recovery mode but then my phone just starts like normal… am I missing something? If it helps anything I'm trying to upgrade from marshmallow…. this phone has been pissing me off and I'm hoping that this upgrade will improve something.

  11. Hi does this work on HTC One m8s. or you need a special version like twrp wich doesn't work with classic version for m8

  12. My HTC One is a sprint version. It has S-off and i is also unlocked. I also hav twrp recovery installed. But I haven't rooted my device. I don't even have any rom installed on my device. Should I give a try?

  13. ROM yive me and error, tells me my phone is not rooted when trying to install Titanium. Do you have a video on how to fix this issue or Root Lineage 15.1 ROM ?

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