iPhone XR Review: From Android to iOS

Last year I ran Android, this year I’m running iOS. In this review of the iPhone XR, I discuss some of the phone’s most controversial aspects, how they affect (or don’t) real life performance, and talk about the pros and cons of switching from Android to iOS. Or the other way around. Be free like me ✌️

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  1. ive owened iphone and android and iphone always has shit battery while android has amazing battery but then android has shit camera while iphone has amazing camera.

  2. If you want ios 12 to be "snappier" as you suggest in your video, try the "reduce motion" option in accessibility menu. I believe this is what you are looking for. Personally i really like ios animations, but for those who dont, reduce motion option is for you guys.

  3. Thank you for acknowledging webos in this video. I loved it and both Apple and google implemented its multi tasking card feature into their os. I remember having the palm pre and being able to open and switch between 30-40 apps at once although it was very limited compared to iOS and Android at the time. It died out but still lives on feature wise

  4. Switching to a $700 from a $400 because of a temporary bug in a software update… Logic

  5. I am an iPhone user and a big apple fan but I steal don’t understand why do apple products cost so much 😂

  6. I love iPhones, but couple years ago I decided to ditch it because of I had a work phone and one for private, some people started to accusing me stealing phones at work. So I decided to get a dual SIM phone, back then It was only android, and Huawei was the only option for me locally, so I used it some months, then oneplus 5t and now samsung g s9+. Now there is option for dual SIM on iphone I'm conflicted between xr or xs

  7. 5c was white and full black front. Exactly the same

  8. That was a really great video. You nailed all the points that needed to be nailed. Well done !

  9. You really gave it a 4 cuz its "too big"? Thats not even a valid reason. Thats an opinion. Not everyone got baby hands

  10. Switched from the Note 8 to the iPhone 8 plus because I wanted to try something different. Won't do it again. iPhones are so freaking boring and I am missing too many features. Dont see why people buy iPhones.

  11. I would honestly go to android if snapchat video quality didn’t look like I was recording on a Nintendo Dsi

  12. Your complaints make no sense. The iphone's main rival is the Galaxy s9 and s9+. Those are just as big (and in the s9+'s case bigger). If you want a phone that's smaller than the iphone XR then i'm sorry but you're in the extreme minority. Are there even still phones out there like that?

  13. I'm usually every other phone is andriod/iOS (Even though I like iOS more), I'm never sticking to either one for two devices in a row. I usually hold on to my iOS devices a little longer because I feel the are smoother over time than android. I recently got back to iphone from a galaxy s8 switching to the XR, and I really do like it. The only thing that I miss is the display from the s8, but battery life > display for me. Still like the display on the XR though. My usage is primarily reading newspapers and social media consumption so I'm not really a power user and never have been.

    EDIT: I was considering the Note 9, Pixel 3 and the XR. The XR are the cheapest of them here in Norway. The pixel 3 cost almost as much as the base iphone xs.

  14. Owned nexus 6p before and now using iphone 8plus. I'm happy with iOS as it just works and I am tired of customization changing launchers and theme stuff. All I need is just opening it and using apps

  15. I was using android and switched to ios but the ios11 was so slow and laggy that I switched to android again but now again on ios

  16. Pebble 2 baby … Thumbs up for that and for not being a stupid fanboy of either one or the other

  17. I’ve had a couple Android and my current OlEd from apple doesn’t color shift. At least not noticeably if it does. My girlfriends pixie had bad color shift and that’s actually common in pixels. They have some harsh blue shift for some reason

  18. Sorry, I'm not with you on that White, Aluminum and Black exterior, you can keep it

  19. My Moto g6 has a full hd max vision but i can't tell it it looks just like a OLED

  20. I got the best of both worlds. XS max and just recently upgraded my S8 to note 9 for the other one. I wanted my note 9 to be my main phone but for unknown reasons I can't get my WhatsApp chat history from iOS to Android. I like iOS as it's stable and fluid and the iMessage is great! My note 9 packs more features plus it has expandable memory, headphone jack, fast charger in the box, and customization from ringtones to message alerts down to that blinking notification lights. I find that low light camera for note 9 is better in note 9 as well. Most importantly that s pen! It's a joy to use! Handy to have both platforms. I have my Microsoft Lumia as well which is an amazing phone and camera in times that I just want to be different neither Android nor iOS just that apps wise… It's dead. So hybrid is the way to go 😉

  21. Super glad this Super*Review has given you the exposure you deserve… 200k+ views and nearly 2,000 comments, WOOOOOW!!! As an avid in-ear guy been following you for a while. Hope this review helps bring people to your channel. Always enjoy your honest, unbiased, original reviews… worthy of way more followers.

  22. I prefer smoother animations than snappy animations. I don’t care if Reddit opens one second later. iOS is superior to Android and this is coming from someone that has only owned one iPhone and 20 Androids.

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