iPhone app Android app & Social Network Marketing Tips Strategies and Secrets: ADVANCED

See for your iPhone app and android app marketing check list. You’d be amazed at how many options you have for acquiring user base


  1. i watched this video i think 7 or 8 times lol, the way you present information is quite enjoyable, but i think better way to say it – people add value, cause not every one likes to be called content 😉

  2. Is the acquisition cost for app users the same or more than website acquisitions? Wow! "People come for people!" I need to use this for my mobile app promotion strategy!!! Thank You! I needed to hear that!!!

  3. Question, i take it you have marketing expertise and Im curious why you use this iphone self video method for your video's…must be some PR trick?

  4. all the time =]
    and i wanna learn more about business and e-business to start something my own
    also i wanna translate some of the vids you have here

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