How to Use & Remove Android FRP (Factory Reset Protection)

To prevent people from stealing your phone Google has implemented a Factory Reset Protection in the Android OS start from 5.1 and above. This video will help you avoid getting locked out of your phone and let you know what precautions you need to take so it won’t happen to you.

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  1. hello idk what to do my phone got into "custom binary blocked by FRP lock" after i powered it off, how do i fix it without deleing anything

  2. This is frustrating. My Father-in-law had his phone reset (he didnt do it). And this came up. He tried to sign in and it rejected his password (was correct user and pw) there was no other backup recovery set up. Now I cant do anything. Verizon cant get into the phone. Google has no contact info. He is out a phone because it decided to randomly reset.

  3. What if i already locked myself out of the phone and cant get through frp what can I do then? I used the email address for the account i had and it didnt work either!

  4. We have a phone that my sister factory reset accidently and I and we forgot the gmail so I have been trying to figure out how to bypass it somewhat I have but not really

  5. Google needs better protection,its very easy to bypass FRP, that means that if somebody steal your phone,he can bypass protection.Very big security problem when it comes to Google and android.


  7. I have a dumb question. Does factory reset as you have shown make my phone rooted? Will I receive all the android updates?

  8. I have a big problem. I got locked out first day on my S9-forgot grid pattern. Rep from Sprint had me do factory reset which erased all 2000 pictures on my phone. He kept saying I will get them back when I sign back in with gmail. So, I get cut off from the guy while phone is powering down after reset. Phone comes on, I have lost everything even though I signed back in with my gmail. Next agent says too bad, so sad, cannot do a thing about it. I am willing to do anything to recover my pictures..any ideas? Thanks so much-first time I have ever asked for help but I am pretty upset.

  9. Very good information, and very well explained. What happens if I install another Android from a computer? with Odin, for example. Thank you!

  10. Thanks Brett. This is the exact information I was looking for. Great work keep it up.

  11. Google should warn you about the lockout period before you factory reset. So many people have been locked out by changing their google password and then resetting after a security scare. Then they can't use their phone for 24 hours.

  12. Wish made this awhile back but that why I need you. I have a kid that needs to do this don't tell our secret where I find out…..

  13. No. I think if someone doesn't connect the phone with internet via wifi or mobile data, the device doesn't ask to sign in and he can use as usual. Then?

  14. I need to do a factory reset on my s9+ because I uninstalled google play services and the phone has never been the same since I put it back on. Is there a setting where you can restore phone to a previous date?

  15. I wanna now please if I update my s7 edge to oreo 8.0 will the batterie be drained faster? (I m in android 7.0)

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