How to Turn on your Computer using Android Wake On Lan | WOL

In this video I’ll show you how you can use your Android phone to turn on your Windows computer using Wake on Lan (WOL).

This works on the following operating systems:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1

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  1. I will give dislike because this video is from 2014 and the mistake was not corrected (unnecessary port forward)

  2. I do not understand why You did port forwarding if YOu do not use external IP …for me, this is a useless step, or you have double nat at home ???

  3. I have found solution for the people who have problem the option "turn on fast on startup" . the solution is update your ethernet adapther drivers. the option will be shown automatically.

  4. PLease help!

    Why can't i allow my networkcard to wake up the device/pc?
    Is just grey and i cannot tick it?
    Any solutions?

  5. Will this work if your computer was shut down? or will it only work if it is on sleeping or hibernating modes?

  6. Could anyone help me i have followed all steps and my device does now turn on the computer however i get a bios message saying "please check network reconnection" then goes on the tell me to use the power button to continue…..

    I do have the PC connected via Ethernet but cant fix this issue ???

    Fix it i had set power on in my bios to server i had to change it to hard drive

  7. You fucked up my internet connection, I have not internet connection since I restarted the computer using wol, I have tried everything to fix it but nothing worked

  8. Thanks Armando for sharing this. I believe this will work only in local with, correct me if I am wrong. If yes then have you tried turning on the system through internet.

  9. Why I cant check allow this decice to wake the computer. That is here but it isnt letting me check? HELP

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