How to turn autocorrect off on – SwiftKey Keyboard for Android

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  1. hey, one thing is to predict a word which can be very useful if you've used it before… another thing which becomes VERY annoying is when you speak several languages and need to communicate either in Portuguese (PT) and English and don't want to keep disabling a language on swiftkey or you phone settings everytime and you're commenting something on Facebook, Instagram or simply writing a text and it won't separate things or assume which language I'm writing… this way putting it to learn from social apps or texts or Google or whatever is useless.. and becomes quite… VERY annoying when I'm writing in Portuguese for example and it writes something that's nothing to do.. and it's not even English.. please help because disabling /enabling auto correct or prediction is not helping at all.. and when you type fast and have to correct everything every time it's quite a waste of time.. I'm this short to switch to Swype.. 😕

  2. Disabled autocorrect but swiftkey still adds random letters instead of spaces when I press space

  3. Hi SwiftKey, I wanted to ask how do I change my autocorrection dictionary??

    I want to make shortcuts for my phone.
    Like if I type omw I want it to automatically correct it to on my way.

    Maybe even some other things to prank my friends?

    Would love it if you responded quickly.
    (I am trying to prank my friend)

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