How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Android, Gmail, Google, or Google Home

How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Android, Gmail, Google, or Google Home

There are a number of apps and options out there on iOS devices to allow you to synchronize your iOS contacts from your iPhone or iPad to your Android Phone, Android Tablet, Gmail account, or Google’s account in general. Those applications and options might work for a time being, but ultimately, this tutorial video will work for as long as iOS and Google both exist.

The best way to synchronize your contacts is simply…


  1. I don’t like to upload or sync my iPhone contacts onto iCloude because it really screws up my iTunes and iTune syncs. Is there a way to import my contacts into Google Home with a different method?

  2. That worked perfectly! Excellent video, very rare to find such a simple an intuitive instruction on weird little things like this. Thank you so much! Keep it up.

  3. Hello AutomateYourLife
    I've been following you for awhile!
    I got a question for you how is the title of the video where you teach how activate the gmail's suggestions text at gmail page?
    thanks bro

  4. Nice job! You made it easy to get the contacts to my Google account…No matter what word you use to call it. Thank you very much for posting this.

  5. This is so stupid. Sync is not the same thing as download

  6. It would help to explain that this isn’t a true Sync. Any further updates on the iOS side will NOT sync to Google Contacts side and vice versa.

  7. Thanks for the video. Very helpful. Have a good day.

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