How to Setup the Gear S3 with an Android Phone

How to Setup the Gear S3 with an Android Phone

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  1. I have trouble to connect to a Galaxy J7, its say i need 1.5 gb of Ram, But the phone has that

  2. Whats the difference between normal and frontier, and can i use all the finctions with my oneplus5 as i sold my samsung fones.

  3. I have a question I have a international s7 that is from Korea…will it work on a s3 frontier that is from the US?

  4. Doesn't want to connect via the Gear App on the Huaweii Elite6. Bluetooth says its pairs successfully but in the Gear App there is never a connection.

  5. does gear s3 compatible with note 2 running android 4.4.2?

  6. how do I unlock my watch it stays on clock I put my pass code it does not go thru is there a way to re-set the watch Gear s3

  7. Does the watch need to have an app downloaded to the phone? I do not have a phone since I'm waiting for the S8 to arrive. Can I just have it working straight out of the box?

  8. my gear s3 connect with my samsung a7 for a minutes and disconnect why sir

  9. hi can I ask for help? My phone is Samsung mega. It can't find my gear. I have Bluetooth on but don't know what went wrong. Can anyone help me? Thank you

  10. Nice setup video! I wonder if the watch will work without installing Samsung app(s) on the cell phone.

  11. Hi, how can I edit the date and time manually on the watch? I realized that the function was on the watch before I connected it to my phone. However, when I set it up with my phone, the option is not there anymore..

  12. Hey Ricky should I get the LTE version of the gear s3 or just the Bluetooth version …. do you see any benefits of getting the LTE version ? thank you .

  13. Can the Gear S3 do call forwarding? I have Sprint service with my s7 edge. so if i get the Tmobile or AT&T Gear s3 will i be able to leave my phone at home using call forwarding my s7 egde phone number?

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