How to setup beats Wireless (Android) [HD]

This video is about how to connect the beats to a Bluetooth enabled device, as the manual may be hard for some people to understand I thought i’d make a video about it.


  1. I was paired then I unpaired it and now I can't find it on Bluetooth on my android even though it used to work 😥😥😥

  2. Those beats are fake they were never cheap plastic and the buttons never had logos why tf would dre make that crap

  3. Please help! I bought Solo 3s and my Samsung a3 won't pair to it. It just says could not communicate or some shit like that.

  4. hi will copy beatssolo3 wireless headphones work with a Samsung Galaxy s7 wireless or with cable or will it not work at all do they only work with iPhone and other apple devices thanks

  5. Hi, I have an LG G5, and my beats wireless worked fine on my Iphone. The phone just cannot find the beats, even though I have them in the blue and red flashing mode. Wondering if you have any idea what I can do to remedy this?

  6. My studio beats r not connecting to my android phone or on my iPhone please someone help me 😢

  7. Will the new Beats Studio 2.0 wireless work on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge?

  8. Hi, my beats are not flashing like the police lights. They only flash red. How to get them flash like that?

  9. thank u so much this is the video that i was searching for ages

  10. Hi i have a galaxy s6 phone and i would like to buy the beats solo 2 wireless , is sound quality the same in android as it is in apple devices?

  11. does it needs to charge coz every time i open it ..wait for 5 or 6 secands it closes

  12. I was recently gifted a pair of beats studio wireless and I've just been worrying for quite a bit because they aren't connecting to my BLU studio energy 2. the beats don't even show up when I'm scanning and I haven't found anything on the internet that could help me yet. many places just keep saying that it wont work but then I hear there's a way but I still don't know how. please help.

  13. Hi man, I bought beats studio wireless (hasn't arrived yet) and have galaxy s6 edge. Just wondering if i'd be able to use the "next song, pause/play, volume up down" features built on the headset itself? without having to do it from phone cause the box says it is made for iPhone, ipad, ipod

  14. I try to connect my powerbeats2 wireless headphones to galaxy s 5 and it only pairs it won't connect for some reason wtf.

  15. I have a xperia z3 phone and when i try to connect my wireless beats solo2. It connects but says no audio. Whats up with that?

  16. If you have a galaxy note 3 and you don't get my sound quality with your beats to your two or solo 2 then download volume booster for your Galaxy Note 3 or download the beats from Play Store maybe that will work

  17. I have a nextbook 8 and I doesn't have bluetooth , but it have a wireless display setting. Will that work?

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