How to Run Apple's MacOS on Android Phone..!!! [With Proof]

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Hey guys Myself Swapnil Srivastava and Today in this video I am going to show you that How can you Install and Run Apple’s MacOS on Any Android Phone…!!!
MacOS is a operating system which is developed to run on Macbook or iMac which is too expensive…


  1. If you Guys find any problem while Downloading the required files.. Comment below…I will add alternate download link of required files.

  2. Here’s how to get working for real ram 848 or 512 cpu core 1 cpu model mac99 display Vnc password hai login kya

  3. Hello.

    I have some trouble while triyng to boot the machine
    It boots normally but it never passes the Apple logo screen.

    My device: Samsung Galaxy j5

    Edit: i need some help. I tried everything but it never boot up to the desktop.

  4. to me no it works I crush the button to start everything and it tells me error please tell me how I can do

  5. basically how it works is it's emulating a x86 CPU and running mac os via hackintoshing this runs a lot better than windows xp so if you want a full desktop on your phone this is the best way probably that is not Linux you could probably run lubuntu better

    btw i don't use artch linux

  6. I also select 1016 MB ram in limbo but it can fit on my 456 mb ram

  7. Maaan, did Indians just discovered the car horn or what? Everybody is using it like crazy!

  8. How to fix limbo emulator when i starting the VM got kicked out to home screen?

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