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How to make easily resume CV in Android mobile.

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  1. Don't trust this app they want access to things on your phone they don't need and they was in my email account while I was not using the app google gave me a warning my phone was almost impossible to use it got really slow I did make one but you can't change the cover Page so if you wanted to send to different company's you got to make a new one every time honestly

  2. Thank you so much. Your video is number one1! The way you explained it, anyone could follow. 😊💗 Thank you soooo much again!!!

  3. Never trust these apps with your personal details, your details are sold forward to companies as a result you recieves scam calls and emails , use only Microsoft word or Google docs, Be safe

  4. Thanks a lot for the video it saves my career. Watching your video and following the detailed instruction you showed in the video, I could create an effective resume in the airplane. As well to describe my work experience in a professional way I used tips showed on a professional service. Using just my phone I’ve created a unique resume that caught the eye.

  5. is it secured App. some body tell me dont up load photograph it can be viral while making cv in this app.

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