How to install Android p on moto g5s plus| Full Guide

sacred ROM

Download all file from gdrive

google service apk for play store



  1. Bro the link for apps you gave in the description says URL does not exists.. Please provide another link ..

  2. I'm Unable to install.
    E1001: Failed to update system image.
    Updater process ended with error 7
    Error installing zip file

  3. by mistake i erased the internal storage while wipe in TWRP
    . please tell me what to do. my phone reboots only in twrp recovery. please anyone tell me what to do.

  4. Bro everything is working great but still I m facing that I couldn't turn on Bluetooth with wifi……!!? Plz help when I turn on Bluetooth wifi got off automatically and didn't turnon

  5. Bro I fixed fingerprint…but still I m not able to use camera ….even the gcam you showed in your video……and in any other camera app it's showing like camera in use by other app…….and that's why the gcam is not working

  6. Bro after successful installation process for android pie. I stuck on Decryption screen and it auto reboot back to recovery help me I don't know whats wrong help! I followed each and every step carefully still I get Decryption screen and auto reboot to recovery. Even it not let me to enter any password to decrypt after 3 to 5s it auto reboot to recovery help me please I am confused what I have done wrong.
    #Moto #g5s #plus xt-1804

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