How To Install And Setup Kodi On Android Phone/Tablet (Step by Step)

This tutorial for how to download, install Kodi 19/18/17.6 to 17 setup exodus on an Android phone/tablet 2019-18.. here I am showing how to download, install Kodi and install/setup exodus add-ons on android mobile but, according to this video you can easily install and set up the new Kodi v17.3 and v17.1 with Exodus to watch movies, live tv, tv shows using all kinds of Android devices.

If you wanted to install Kodi An Android Smartphone or other device and don’t know how to properly…


  1. Couldn't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway? That's all I always get on my Samsung galaxy a6 and my Xbox one ???? Help please ????

  2. just Google best 2018 addons for kodi and add it to your kodi and boom enjoy the movies guys…btw I'm using Neptune rising 😊

  3. after "installingfrom zip file " there is nothing in that box other then 2 dots , there are no options such as , english or international or adult-xxx …………….. what can i do after that ?? what did i miss??

  4. Download and shows "no media center found". Doesn't bring to the screen your utube showed. You either left steps out or your out of date. Start from factory settings galaxy pad. Kodi is 1st & only download.

  5. Fusion is out now. I'm trying to figure out how to install new version. Also I can not install kodi app on my android tablet from play store, it's says incompatible.. Strange, because 10 minutes ago I had kodi, that was installed from play store.

  6. Hello, I download the Kodi app and followed your instruction. But when I go to next window and clicked install from zip file and click on fusion. It doesn't show kodi repos. What should I do?

  7. need some help. when I go to install from zip and I click on fusion nothing is there. any suggestion

  8. it is not possible anymore if u try to install it on a tablet, it says that the app is only for phones. then if u try to install it appears 404 error, so my advise to you is do not delete it.

  9. please how long do i wait for the repository add-ons , i have waited for almost and hour

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