How To Increase Performance/RAM/Display On Android? | PurePerformancesX

PurePerformancesX is an awesome mod that improves your device in ALL ways. It increases device performance generally, removes lags, makes UI animations smoother, improves display colors thanks to Bravia Engine.

Install by flashing the ZIP. Nandroid backup is recommended.


Electric Joy Ride – Origin

All features:

– Android performances improved at 360°
– Radically improved management ram on android…


  1. I can't flash it I have no flash apps most of them won't fucking work

  2. I'm on CM 11, and I just flashed this recently, but it didn't increase my antutu benchmark score at all….

  3. can u make a tutorial in asus ME172V please in android 4.1.1 and kernel 3.0.8 please ?

  4. I have tried to install the zip but it's aborting, I am using s3 if you can help me It would be great

  5. I have tried to install the zip but it's aborting, I am using s3 if you can help me It would be great

  6. How i can flash zip file?i have a recovery and downloaded it but every time says it: Installation aborted. can anyone help me 🙁
    Device: ZTE Grand S Flex

  7. does it work on CM 12.1 running Lollipop 5.1.1? cause idk if I'm actually getting better results

  8. when i was gonna do this my tablet went into to bootloop when i was gonna open an app called chainfire3d and suddenly the app crash and my tablet rebooted and now its on bootloop and the bad news here is a didnt flash my recovery so i have no solution to fix it,i guess i need to pay 800kr again.D:

  9. Thanks i already flashed it through cwm its stock zip one not cm for me flashing is install from sd correct? But one thing that is funny is that a 1.71 mb zip can do all this great improvements 😀

  10. Hey, I'm trying to install it but it's not letting me, keeps saying installation aborted. I have a stock rom. If you can help in anyway, that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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