How to increase GRAPHICS and Gaming Performance in any Android

how to increase graphics and gaming performance in any android

First Of All,We need Developer Option in our setting list.. If you already done the developer option from About Phone Follow These steps

1) Open Android Settings.

2) Now Find The About Phone Option in settings.

3) Now in About Phone Option Find Build Number.

4) Now Click 5-7 Times Constantly on That option. Now You Will get pop-up message That “You are Now a Developer”.

5) Now go Back, You Will See the Developer options in…


  1. Wtf i can't understand what are you talking about… dude if you wanna talk odjehdksmsjj whatever the title must be your langague you intensive idiot

  2. This is how to decrease android graphics check you are eneble the force msa to 4x and u click the force gpu 2 drawing are idoit?

  3. bhai mara phone ma option nahi ay raha ha bhai koi solution ho to batayo i am waiting for your reply

  4. If you going to, enable develop option it will harm your device, and battery will decrease very fast.

  5. watermark? language? quality? fps? content? hmmmm….. I dont know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Dont force MSAA. It will give more lags .not good for smoth gameplay.. It will increase the quality but decrease the performance of the game.

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