How To Get The Monsties You Want! Monster Hunter Stories [Android/IOS]

Today We Show you how to easily get any monster egg you want in monster hunter stories!


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  1. This video was very educational! The game explains none of so this was highly appreciated

  2. How do I get it
    kushala daora
    Brute tigrex
    Stygian zinogre
    Silver rathalos
    Black diablos
    Black gravios
    And oishi kirin

  3. I was wandering: does he plays on a pc as we see a mouse? If yes can someone say me how to play it on a pc because i was looking for this game but on the 3ds the only I find to buy it is new at 40€ so it's a little bit too expensive to my mind

  4. is kushala daora , teostra and rajang avaible as monstie?? I've been searching for hours for their eggs but I can't find one even if the monster was on the nest of high rank rare den

  5. Is paintball really that effective?? Seems like not working on black gravios and zinogre. Which I defeated a lot of times

  6. anyone know when the update will come ? I already got every monster in the game.

  7. Isn’t this game like 2-3 years old, why are you making already existing tutorials

  8. Wow that very usefull bro,thank a lot..
    Btw,what taliseman do you use and any tips for beat rajang?

  9. Soo by the luck of rng-sus, you can find a Kirin egg in the cheery-blossom path leading to Gildegarde. I found 4 in a nest, but the final egg has the best outcome of them all.

    And Kirin is also needed for the last of the riddlemasters subquest 😑.

  10. My Question is that the Game has total of 109 Monsties from 1 to 109 but 106, 107, 108 seems to be missing.

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