How to get better Battery Life on Android? (2016)

Have you asked your self How to get better battery life on Android? In this video I discuss my experiences, knowledge, and share with you tips and tricks on how to extend Android battery life. If you have particular tip to share with us please be sure to share with us down below in the comment section of this video to help out the community. If you enjoyed this content show your support by going ahead and leaving this video a thumbs up and sharing the content. Thank you for watching! Be sure…


  1. For you guys that have root access, I would advise you to do 3+1 bonus additionnal things to get great standby battery life:
    1. Install Greenify, and enable shallow hibernation, while if you have Xposed, enable the CPU drain option.
    2. Install ForceDoze. Enable it, and you'll thank me. Also, disable mobile data, and Wi-Fi in the settings for this app.
    3. Freeze the bloatware using an app like Air Freezer or Titanium backup.

    Bonus: for you AMOLED phone users, you are pretty lucky. You can put a black background and a black theme, and using Pixel filter at a lower resolution, you can get some amazing battery life.

  2. Wow, so great video~thank for you share. but i discover an app called purify that also good at save battery for android.recommend for you too.With your tips and the purify app, you can get the most useful android phone.

  3. great video, big like ..
    I just wanna know what kind of screen protectors do you use here ? I can see it's 2.5 D, isn't it?
    thanks alot.

  4. hey! i would like to ask if you use google now? i would like to ask if it drains battery?

    btw, i read an article that closing apps in the recent consume more battery. you will consume battery when you close and open the app.

  5. good video ! just got the Life One X and did a hard reset as Blu recommended,seems a lot better ! any advice on this  phone such as what app to delete ! does not seem to be a cleanmaster but was thinking of downloading app such as greenify or doze as you suggested. only real complaint about this phone is the fn horrible speaker as you know ! overall give this a 7 out of 10 ! so far so good,lets see how it holds up ?

  6. i have a galaxy J3. the volume up button does not work, does anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it

  7. Nick, can you make an iOS battery saving tutorial?

  8. If I'm really trying to conserve power I keep the screen off as much as possible. Charging your phone overnight helps too. If I run out of battery before the end of the day I know I've been on my phone way to much!

  9. I have a weird thing that has helped me .Lets say I do 3.5 hours of screentime in a day.If instead of doing 3.5 hours straight through in a morning I use 40 min in the morning 40 in the aft. and 40 in the evening I get way more stand by time and way more screen on time.In other words by spacing out my screen on time over the day.This really works! I've Never seen anyone else use or share this.Why does it work? l'm not really sure but my guess is that the battery. time is longer because the battery doesn't get as hot and it had rest periods.I can't believe no one else has observed this.

  10. Great tips Nick! I didn't even know about Google Location history until you showed it in this video. Thanks 🙂

  11. YOOO!! Let us get some better battery life on our Android Devices! What are your tips and tricks for acheiving this, there are many in this video, what are yours COMMENT them below to help us all out 🙂

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